Cleaning Machines Guide

There are various types of cleaning machines on the market, so it’s easy to get confused by all of the different options on offer. Our guide will help to give you an idea of how each type of cleaning machine works and the applications they’re best suited for.

Scrubber Driers

Scrubber driers use automated systems for dispensing cleaning solution, in conjunction with cylindrical or rotary scrubbing heads; to scrub floors clean of oil, grease and other dirt. This dirt is then vacuumed into a storage tank, from where it can be disposed of.

Scrubber driers are usually broken down into two categories: walk behind (pedestrian) or ride-on, though all use separate dispensing and collection tanks to keep dirty water away from clean water. A small, portable example would be the pedestrian Taski Swingo 150E, whilst the Taski Swingo 2500 would be a great choice for those needing to tackle the largest, toughest cleaning jobs.


The scrubber driers in our range are designed to be easy to use, meaning increased productivity and fewer maintenance issues. We also stock a wide selection of environmentally safe soaps and other supplies for our scrubber driers and other cleaning machines.


Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers use spinning or rotating brushes to remove stuck-on dirt, with the spinning action the moving this dirt into vicinity of a suction unit. This sucks the dirt into a tank, collecting it for disposal at a later date.


Our range of high performance suction sweeping floor sweepers includes manual and battery powered options, as well as the traditional corded models, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Both pedestrian models and ride-on models are available from us – the Nimbus 900 being an example of the former, and the Nimbus 1100 being a ride-on model.


Our floor sweepers are efficient, quick and convenient. Some models even come with a high dump option, allowing the operator to deposit waste without even leaving their seat.


Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners, or more specifically, steam vapour cleaners, use dry-steam technology to quickly dry, clean and sanitize surfaces and floors, both hard and soft. Oil and other dirt is broken down and lifted by this steam, then removed by a vacuum. The steam used is often hot enough (more than 115C!) to disinfect and sterilize surfaces, however, the steam itself only contains around 4-6% water.

Steam cleaners use very little water and their usage is measured in quarts per hour. They are suitable for use inside all types of building due to their low-moisture characteristics.  We stock a number of models for a range of applications, from the chewing gum-busting Fury M2507 to the easily portable Robby 3000 M0133.


Our steam cleaners are the environmentally friendlier choice as well as being great for saving time. They save on chemical usage, as well as water usage, meaning reduced running costs.


Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are used to pick up dust and dirt from surfaces (usually floors), using a pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up particles. These particles are then collected into a dust bag or a cyclone tank for disposal at a later date.


Vacuum cleaners exist in a variety of size for different applications. We stock a wide variety of easy-to-use corded and battery powered models, all of which meet industry standards for air quality. Our vacuum range includes uprights (such as the Ensign Stealth), tubs (like the Vacumat 22T) and even a backpack dry vacuum.


All of our vacuum cleaners use a combination of filtration systems for improved suction power, providing top quality results.


Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are general purpose cleaning machines that use a combination of water or foam and detergents to remove dust and dirt from carpets. This waste is then vacuumed away to a tank where it is stored for disposal.


Our range includes a number of models to suit every cleaning need, from periodic cleaning to deep cleaning.  Choose the Spot Pro for ultra-portable cleaning, or a more powerful though less maneuverable model like the Steempro Powerplus for those tougher jobs.


Not only are you certain to find the right carpet cleaner for the job, you can expect unbeatable performance from all of our carpet cleaning machines.


Floor Polishers & Burnishers

Floor buffers are electrical appliances used to both clean and maintain any non-carpeted floor. This includes surfaces made from tile, marble, hardwood or linoleum. They clean by using discs or pads, spinning at high speed, to scrub away dirt and grime and polish surfaces. Generally, floor polishers that operate at over 1,000RPM are known as burnishers.

Floor polishers generally resemble vacuum cleaners although they have handlebar controls, thus requiring two handed steering.  Our range of commercial and industrial models use wheels and are powered allowing for increased maneuverability. Sizes range from the small (like the Ergodisc Mini) to the large (like the Ergodisc Omni) meaning you’ll be able to find the right cleaning machine to suit your needs.


Our innovative floor burnishers are made using high tech materials, making them robust and longer lasting. This helps to keep running costs to a minimum and helps increase productivity.