UK Environmental Policy

Statement of Intent

Duckworth Limited Liability Partnership is working to reduce it’s Carbon Footprint.

Although the writing of an Environmental policy is a voluntary undertaking in the U.K., Duckworth LLP has examined all aspects of its business and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business operations wherever we can.

This statement is founded on the principles of law, fairness and best practice.

To achieve this commitment we will:

1. Understand and comply with all legal requirements, codes of practice & regulations.
2. Organise operations in order to minimise pollution & unnecessary journeys.
3. Manage waste generated from our business according to the principles reduce, re-use & recycle.
4. Ensure environmental concerns are taken into account in procurement of goods & services.
5. Provide assistance, training & information that may be necessary to staff at all levels and encourage feedback.
6. Reduce our consumption of resources & improve efficiency in the use of theses resources
7. Review our environmental policy regularly & monitor our performance.
8. Work with our suppliers & customers to encourage commitment towards improved environmental performance.
9. We source our products responsibly, buying recycled paper & bio degradable bin bags. All our customers are currently being made aware of these options.

While the main responsibility for this statement of interest rests with Duckworth LLP as a whole, individual employees at all levels have responsibilities too and they must not willfully act to detriment the LLP’s Environmental Policy.

Our Environmental Policy Statement of Intent will apply to all members of staff, suppliers and customers of Duckworth LLP. This statement will be promoted and incorporated in all aspects of our work and activities.